How To Wipe Out The Data In The Hard Disk?

How to wipe out the data in the hard disk? Can the legendary magnet do that? IT experts told us, put a magnet close to the hard disk can not destroy data effectively. Backblaze , the CEO of Gleb Budman explained that: the first thing we need to deal with is the protective steel shell around the disk, put a powerful magnet close enough to the disk can destroy data partly, but if you want to destroy it all completely, tear the disk will be more safe.

In fact, you can open a disk in minutes by using a screwdriver or a hammer, the best way to wipe out the disk quickly is violence. Chozick said: The HDD of laptop is make of glass plate, if you smash with enough force, the glass will be into pieces, and no can make it back. ”But in some cases, it can be recover even it is very difficult but not impossible.

The disk of desktop is making of aluminium alloy plate, it is hard to wipe out data from it. A huge scratch or crack on the plate will stop the disk from initializing and recovering data. But Budman said: Advanced lab can read the data from a damaged plate, they don’t need to put the plate together again, they can check the alone block in the plate, experts can recover enough 0 and 1 according to that, then check out he data.

Dig a hole in the plate and produced heat can lead to damage, "That will warp the plate itself and may lead to some small changes in other parts of the plate. It is unnecessary to change a lot to make the date in vain, the little change is enough." Budman said.

Whether there is a better way? He suggested using the simple chemical reaction: acid. Acid will strip all the data from the plate. Certainly, there are temperate way, Windows and Mac OS X have general utility tool can wipe out data from the disk safely, it can use random 0 and 1 cover all the date you have. The advice from Budman is to do it twice in the new device and 7 in a old device, or some advanced lab will find tracks from the covering contents.