Buying Railway Tickets Online Can Use Plug-ins, Is That True? Just Kidding~

The railway tickets of spring festival were presell in 8th December. Most people work in the city crowd in the selling website 12306 or APP to buy tickets for spring festival. One ticket is hard to buy and the same thing happens every year.

However, differ from passing year, the website of 12306 designs a picture security code to prevent illegal buy and sell, and that also shut some of the buyers away. So, the plug-ins are coming. Nowadays, a APP named rapid ticket booking for spring festival in 12306, the name sounds like a good tool for buying railway tickets.

But, is that plug-in real or just a trap?

In fact, it is a fake APP pretending 12306 website of railway. Through deep analyst of this APP, the security officer found that some domain name have many illegal APP programs pretending famous legal APP. After a forward association analysis, officers found that this domain name has sent 2600 APP for ads from November to now, and its spreading time have reach 75106. All of the programs were in the disguise of some famous APP or game walkthrough, and they implant ad SDK of dianjoy or lanjingke to realize the ad function, they cheat the users to click ads through fake APP. It is said that this fake APP including Sina microblog, sogou input method, MomentCam, Pocket hero alliance and so on.

To earn flux interest through fake APP trap is very common in Android. And this behavior is getting worse to earn more interest of ad flux from fake APP. This domain name uses famous APP and focus event and spread rapidly. My advice is don’t download APP from unofficial source.