Alert! "The Lives Of Others" May Happen In Your Home

The 80 generation is a generation addicted to the internet, so they will attract by the children smart product, that is the children smart watch product, the ads are “hearing from long distance" "knowing secrets of your children", the words are barefaced, but the question is: not only parents can monitor children from long distance by smart devices.

In September, Numen Team of WooYun platform published a report about the safety of children smart phone industry, the result of 14 brands children smart phone test is shocking. In the middle of 2014, children smart phone appeared many brands, the quality of the product was irregular, and they grown wildly. In 2015, children smart phone industry grown very fast for the best selling of watch, it became the king of the smart industry, and the security report appeared on WooYun platform successively:

Children smart watch security-your children are under my control

ZGPAX children smart watch control interface have SQL (including 17 data, revel device ID, map, location and so on)

The bugs of random binding of IM-SUN children smart watch G1

Kareme children smart watch bug binding on sell device

ZGPAX children smart watch can list all the device and alter any ID and passwords easily

And so on.

Those influences of bug are decided by the function follows:

1. Positioning children location, movement, and safety

2. Monitoring the sounds around children

3. Corresponding the family role

4. SOS emergency calling

Any functions can scare the parents, according to the report on WooYun, we knew that the bug product is common and is very low level, anyone can know information about your children easily.

That is a positioning and monitoring device, its rough safe guard makes everyone can position and monitor your children (smart watch users) even know where are your children through your phone number, and you buy the product for their safety, that is ridiculous.

Not just children, do you think about another usage? We don’t know the rules of "monitor" function product in China, is it in the gray zone? If you want to monitor the rival’s or the leader’s life and work chatting condition, you just need to buy a children smart watch from a legal way and send it to their children.

PS: some children smart watch can bind to the unsealing smart product and invoke its function even you did not use that watch. Oh, you can also send that to your boyfriend or girlfriend too.

The advice is: don’t buy any products with monitoring, or think about the horrible result when loss control, the purpose of industry is how to convince you to buy their products.